Recycling at KJ Millard

We are committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and currently recycle 90% of all waste that comes into our waste transfer station, from scrap metal and plasterboard to wood and farm waste.

What we recycle

All waste received on site is sorted by hand, enabling us to determine exactly what we can and cannot recycle.

Scrap metal

Scrap metal is 100% recycled. It’s separated into ferrous and non-ferrous metals and taken to scrap metal recyclers. We can handle large and small quantities with rebates available. Did you know there is no limit on how many times steel can be recycled?


Plasterboard is 100% recycled. After being collected and sorted, we transport the plasterboard to various recyclers who use it to make new plasterboard. It must be kept separate though, so as not to contaminate the other waste streams in your skip.


The vast majority of wood we receive is recycled. The wood is sorted, shredded and used as biomass to fuel power stations and combined heat and power plants. We happily supply wood to those using wood burners, open fires or wood burning boilers. If you need wood please call us today on 01608641361.


Cardboard is 100% recycled. We have a 30 tonne baler on site which squashes the cardboard into 800kg bales. By baling the cardboard, we can transport more to our recycler therefore improving the efficiency of our process and reducing costs. We divert from landfill approximately 75 tonnes of cardboard every year!

Farm waste

We work with farmers and landowners to provide a sustainable recycling service for all types of farm plastic, cardboard, spray cans, fertiliser bags, silage wrap and crop cover. Whether a skip or ton a bag is suitable we are here to help. We also supply waste transfer notes with all our skips for you paperwork records.


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